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brighton 250ix
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2.5-Way, Double 5.25” Tower Loudspeaker

The dual 5.25” Brighton 250iX is Sinclair’s most affordable tower loudspeaker but it’s packed with legendary Brighton technology to provide a sensational music and theater experience. Its spectacular gloss black ash finish and slim profile allow it to fit into the most elegant of decors while superb power handling and proprietary Woven Fiberglass drivers will fill it with dynamic sound.

Woofer: 5.25” Woven Fiberglass Hybrid
Midrange: 5.25” Woven Fiberglass Hybrid
Tweeter: 1” Black Diamond Silk Dome
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Sensitivity: 90dB
Power Handling: 150 Watts
Frequency Response: 45Hz-20kHz
Dimensions, cm (HWD): 34-½ x 6-½ x 8-¼
Dimensions, mm (HWD): 872 x 165 x 208mm


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Black Diamond Silk Dome Tweeter
The Brighton series Black Diamond Silk Dome tweeter creates the wonderful high frequency clarity that has become a Sinclair Audio signature. Extremely light silk is heated to extreme temperatures, molded into its dome shape, and treated with our proprietary Black Diamond amalgamation to give it the strength and rigidity it needs to maintain its shape. The tweeter also features strong neodymium magnets, ferrofluid in the gap and thermal protection circuits to handle high power and maintain perfect performance.   

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Woven Fiberglass Hybrid Woofer
Woven Fiberglass possesses an incredible strength to weight ratio which is why it’s a popular material used in the construction of race car bodies, allowing them to stay very light yet maintain perfect rigidity. The benefits are identical when applying it to woofer construction, making it light enough to react quickly for a quick, tight response, yet strong enough to maintain its shape during challenging, explosive, bass-heavy passages so it’s free of unwanted distortion.

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Woven Fiberglass Hybrid midrange and Aluminum Phase Plug
The Woven Fiberglass Hybrid midrange cone is identical to the Woven Fiberglass Hybrid woofer with the important addition of a true phase plug. Midranges benefit from a true phase plug to help synchronize the sound that comes from the edge and center of the cone and time align the frequencies in the 300Hz-2K range. Frequencies below this, like those from a woofer, are omnidirectional by nature and do not need a phase plug which actually limits the SPL of a woofer. The phase plug slows down the acoustic wave from the center of the cone so it's transmitted at the same time as the acoustic wave from the edge, which is marginally slower, for perfect sonic accuracy. It also reduces cone mass to permit an extended frequency response and allows more airflow through the motor structure which improves cooling, thus increasing power handling. 

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Brighton iX Series OM - 250iX, 40iX, 24iX (English/French).pdf

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Brighton iX Series Specsheet (English).pdf

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