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Triple 10" 300 Watts Powered Subwoofer

The powerful 310S will rock your room with a controlled fury of deep bass. It’s equipped with a triple 10” driver array including a forward firing Percussive woofer and dual Passive Depth Radiators that combine to produce the lowest frequencies with stunning impact.  Whether it’s a thunderous planetary explosion or precise strum of a string, the 310S will capture its essence. 

Description: Triple Driver Powered Subwoofer
Woofer: 10" Percussive Driver
Passive Radiators: Dual 10” Side Firing Passive Depth Drivers
Amplifier Power: 300 Watts RMS, 800 watts peak power
Frequency Response: 30Hz-150kHz
Dimensions HxWxD (inches): 15-¾ ” x 15” x 16”


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Percussive Woofer
The Injection Molded Percussive Cones were specifically created to handle the staggering task of producing bass that plumbs to subterranean depth. These drivers accomplish the challenge, exhibiting excellent waveform properties while handing extreme low frequencies delivered with enormous force to ensure it meets Sinclair’s performance standards and satisfies all ears. 

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Planar Depth Radiators
Sheets of thin resin bonded wood fibers are heat formed and pressurized into planar radiators and supported by dual surrounds located in front and behind the driver. Spurred into action by the air pressure created within the sealed cabinet by the active Percussive driver, they provide all the benefits of a tuned port without the associated noise caused by air turbulence.  

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Brighton Series OM (web) - 460T, 260T, 250T, 50B, 40B, 45RS, 25CC (English/French).pdf (472 KB)
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Brighton Series Sub OM (web) - 310S, 8S (English/French).pdf (352 KB)
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Brighton Series Brochure (English).pdf (1011 KB)
pdf_symbol Series Brochure
Brighton Series Brochure (English).pdf (1011 KB)
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