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About Sinclair Audio Sinclair Audio is Canadian company based in Montreal and produced by Jam Industries Ltd., a 35 year old electronics and musical instrument distributor with sales of over 200 Million dollars a year. Sinclair Audio is found across Canada and is firmly established in key dealers from Quebec to British Columbia. We are one of the fastest growing loudspeaker companies in North America. Our new product development process is undoubtedly the most important characteristic of a Sinclair Audio loudspeaker. Although manufactured in China, every element of our speakers are designed by us and is completely unique in the marketplace. We do not purchase “off the shelf drivers” and hope they work in the given cabinets, every single driver in every single Sinclair Audio speaker is unique.

Our success in producing the best loudspeakers can be summarized by three key characteristics that Sinclair values above all:

• Understanding our clients needs,
• Our NPD team with great experience design products of high quality and value
• In-house marketing team to support the brand through various POPs.

This is our recipe that has proved to be quite successful not only for us, but for our clients as well. We will continue to do tireless market research, push the limits of modern engineering, and support our products with marketing that has received rave reviews from around the world to ensure we never lose our position as market leaders.

The Sound Sinclair Audio loudspeakers have incredible frequency range.
They excel at producing tight, authoritative bass and crystal clear high frequencies.

Sinclair Audio loudspeakers excel in Home Theater and Music applications
Capable of enormous dynamic range, soft passages like vocals and dialog are produced with accuracy and precision while loud passages like explosions and multiple instruments are thunderous and played with a controlled fury.

Sinclair Audio loudspeakers have great Dispersion
Great dispersion means perfect sound from every seat in the room.

About Jam IndustriesFounded in 1972, Jam Industries Ltd. began operating in Montreal under the trade name of Erikson Music as an importer/distributor of musical instruments and accessories, with sales of less than $1million. In the 1980s Jam Industries widened its scope with the formation of Korg Canada and Erikson Pro Audio allowing greater focus on important Marketing areas. In April 1986, Jam industries purchased Coast Wholesale Music Ltd. and proceeded to transform this Western Canadian company from a regional distributor into a full-fledged national marketing and sales force.

Into the 1990s the company further expanded its Pro presence by creating two divisions; Erikson Pro and Erikson Audio, each with specific expertise addressing lighting contractors, installed sound, touring sound, broadcast, recording etc. As well Jam ventured into the consumer electronics industry in the early 90’s, with a newly founded division - Erikson Consumer. The largest division of Jam Industries, Erikson Consumer’s enormous growth necessitated that it be divided into 3 distinct subdivisions: Home, Mobile, and Multimedia. The most recent addition of American Music & Sound has enabled Jam industries to emulate their business strategies in the United States.

With over thirty-five years of experience, today Jam Industries is a unique distribution network made up of 10 divisions that serve markets ranging from musical instruments to consumer electronics, with sales exceeding $200 million.

Research & DevelopmentEvery component is designed and engineered by Sinclair Audio
Each driver of every Sinclair Audio loudspeaker is unique and was designed to maximize its performance within its intended cabinet.

Listening Tests
Hundreds of hours are spent listening and fine tuning each model before it goes to final production.

Constant market research
Input from store owners, salespeople, and end users guarantees that Sinclair Audio loudspeakers follow acoustic and cosmetic trends to address the latest needs and desires of the clients

To learn more about our company and to better understand speakers, read our document ...Learn How Speakers Work.

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