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High Performance 6.5” Stereo In-Ceiling Speaker

When you want all the richness and pleasure of stereo sound but space is at a serious premium you need look no further than the C26. This space-saving concept integrates dual Metal Alloy tweeters along with its 6.5” woofer to provide full range stereo in a single in-ceiling speaker. It’s the perfect solution for all the smaller spaces in your home that deserve to be filled with music.

Woofer: 6.5” Woven Fiberglass Hybrid
Tweeter: 1” Metal Alloy
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Sensitivity: 90dB
Power Handling: 80 watts
Frequency Response: 50Hz-22kHz
Cut out dimension: 7-3/8” diameter
Depth: 4-1/4”


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Bezel-less Design
Purely a cosmetic feature but nonetheless one that makes it clear that Sinclair is dedicated to developing unique custom speakers and more importantly, we know what customers want from them. Great sound of course, but coming in a design that’s as stealthy as can be, and that’s exactly what the bezel-less design delivers.   

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Woven Fiberglass Hybrid Woofers
Woven Fiberglass possesses an incredible strength to weight ratio which is why it’s a popular material used in the construction of race car bodies, allowing them to stay very light yet maintain perfect rigidity. The benefits are identical when applying it to woofer construction, making it light enough to react quickly for a quick, tight response, yet strong enough to maintain its shape during challenging, explosive, bass-heavy passages so it’s free of unwanted distortion.

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Metal Alloy Tweeters
Metal Alloy tweeter domes provide exceptional power handling, wide dispersion, low distortion and quick decay time. A cloth suspension prevents resonance and allows it to extend to lower frequencies without distortion, while ferrofluid in the gap keeps it cool. The tweeter is fitted with a Time Domain Equalizer that optimizes dispersion and reduces resonance inherent in metal domes in the 22kHz-28kHz region of frequencies.

Tone Controls
Speaker placement can have a huge effect on the sound produced by a speaker as boundaries, furniture, and listening position all factor into the final sound you hear. To compensate for the shortcomings of most rooms, and to better appeal to personal tastes and preferences, the Architex series are equipped with Tweeter and Woofer tone controls, effectively altering the sound by plus or minus 3dB to tailor the sound to perfectly suit your listening preferences.

Documentation - The latest owner’s manuals, quick start guides, and documents.

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