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Product Shipping

Sinclair Audio is happy to offer free shipping to every province in Canada and charges a small fee where free shipping is not feasible, specifically the Yukon Territories, North Western Territories, and Nunavut. Contact us directly about shipping to the United States and other countries; we will do our best to make you a Sinclair Audio owner! There are no shipping and handling fees but taxes based on your location/Province will be added to the price of the purchase. Products are shipped via FedEx and UPS, we will supply tracking numbers of your purchase in a follow up e-mail. Orders are typically delivered in 3-11 business days but overnight shipping is available at an added cost, contact us for the exact information. The dimensions and weights of our products prohibit us from shipping to a PO box. We can only ship to a home address. If the package appears to have suffered damage in transport refuse the delivery call us at 1 (800) 567-3275 ext. 2671 or e-mail us at

Product Returns

Returns If the speakers do not meet your expectations in any way after the 45 day trial period, we will refund the cost of the speakers to you. Simply contact us for the documents needed to return the speakers and we will handle all the arrangements to make it as simple as possible for you. All that we ask is that you use the original packaging so the product gets back to us safely and that you cover the return shipping costs. Upon receipt of the product in their original condition the cost of the speakers are credited back to you, the client.

If the product is defective upon delivery then you need to contact us to help coordinate a replacement. In this situation we would be responsible for shipping costs.

If your speaker requires basic, simple service like a driver replacement then it will be sent to you. If products cannot be simply repaired by replacing a component like a driver then we will provide a replacement. Simply contact us to help you coordinate
the service.

If you need to return your speaker you can call 1 (800) 3275 ext. 2671 or e-mail
us at

Product Purchase Questions
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General Questions

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